Make Up for Women of Colour

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Women who are neglected a lot in the make up indusry are women with non-western skin tones, and I feel it is important to represent all women when we live in a country as multiculturally diverse as Australia.

A beautiful makeover begins with the right foundation. Most women have yellow based skin. This includes most Caucasian and all Asian, Latin and most African women. This is one of the most important makeup tips!

When women with golden-based skin wear foundation that is too pink or orange, it often looks a tiny bit wrong. The undertone in the foundation "clashes" with our natural golden-based skin.

To create the look naturally flawless skin, you must wear a foundation with a golden base. Di Kennedy Cosmetics manufactures some of the only multicultural ranges in the world. Our shades perfectly match every complexion, leaving your skin looking flawless and natural-looking.

When you walk into a room people notice you and not your makeup!

      For a great makeover you must start with the right foundation. It is the foundation that sets the tone for a woman's appearance.
      If you are like most women, you have golden-based skin and must wear a golden-based foundation.


    * When applying blush use lighter shade (with shimmer but subtly) to "lift" your cheekbones. Apply above the cheek bones.
    * Use a cherry toned blush to add a "pop" of colour to the apples of the cheeks.


    * Use Di's Silky Eye Shadows or Crushed Minerals to reflect your moods. With a bit of practice and a few tips (see our eyes lesson) you can master how to apply shadow. When applying, remember that dark colours "push back" features and light colours "bring forward".
    * Apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid.
    * Apply the medium shade on the lower eyelid.
    * Apply the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye to create depth.
    * Apply eyeliner with short strokes, starting form
    * the center of the eye and working towards the corners. Mascara finishes your makeup. If you have dark eyes use black, it's the easiest to wear.


    * Choose a lipstick which reflects your personal style. There are over 25 shades from which to choose in our range and all are designed to look like lips but better.
    * Applying a Foundation Stick, and a dusting of your shade of powder, lightly over the lips before applying lipstick helps it to stay on longer.
    * Use Di Kennedy Vanilla Infused Lip Gloss alone to give a light, natural but finished look or over your lipstick to enhance its colour.


    * Select your nail colour to match the general tones of your makeup. If you used natural shades on your eyes, lips and cheeks, then your nail color should also be natural. If you have opted for brights, head towards the brighter shades.


    * Use one of our 17 shades of stock foundation to conceal blemishes, under eye circles etc. Head toward a yellow based shade or if you are very deep in colour the most red shades to avoid ashiness. You can use these as foundations as well and they will perfectly match your skin tone.

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