Make Your Road Trips More Enjoyable with Elinz Electronics' Headr

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Boredom and the idea of being trapped with unruly kids in a cramped space for hours are the bane of all cross-country road trips. But thank goodness for headrest DVD players! With these entertainment devices installed in your car, you can finally enjoy travelling with your friends and family and say goodbye to the dullness and tediousness of those cross-country road trips you have no choice but to participate in every year.
But before you purchase a headrest DVD player for your car, take note that there are basically two types of DVD players you can get from Elinz Electronics. The first one is the portable headrest DVD player. Installation of this device is pretty much easy and straightforward. It comes with a special mounting bracket that enables you to attach the device to the headrest of your car's two front seats and easily tilt it up and down.
But what makes this particular type of headrest DVD players extra special is its portability. Because it is portable and can be easily detached from its mounting bracket, you can take it anywhere with you, and "anywhere" means outside of your vehicle. What's more, it has a built-in battery. So if you're just bumming around in your tent while everyone is having fun outside, you can take the DVD player off its mounting bracket and watch a movie while lounging and relaxing inside your tent.
Aside from the portable headrest DVD player, we also have a "pillow" DVD player. This device is sold as a complete actual headrest—with a normal, cushioned front and back with a built-in high definition screen and DVD player. Just like the portable unit, it can be moved from seat to seat or car to car, depending on your preferences. It also comes in a variety of colours to match the interior of your vehicle.
Some units also have special flaps that you can pull and zip up to cover the DVD player's monitor. This feature is extremely handy because it disguises the headrest DVD players to look just like any other headrest. It protects the device from potential robbers, thus, saving you from the agony and heartbreak of having something precious stolen from you.
But no matter which type of headrest DVD player you choose, be it the portable model or the "pillow" type, both of them boast of high resolution HD screens that render sharp and crystal-clear images. And when you buy from Elinz Electronics, you get not one, but two independent headrest DVD players that let you watch different movies at the same time.  You can also play 32-bit games on the device. And more importantly, the DVD players have SD card slot and USB port so you don't have to bring stacks of CDs and DVDs when you travel.
Have questions or enquiries about our headrest DVD players? Then give us a call or shoot us an email. We'll be more than happy to hear from you.
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