Make a browband from Webbing and Vinyl

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A browband that is cheap and easy to make, lasts a long time and can be re-covered many times. I've had one on my horse for nearly 3 years now, it has been re-covered a couple of times, but it is going to last a bit longer yet. The beauty of it is that all your ribbon and embellishments can be easily sewn into place, no glue to let go at inappropriate times.


(1) 1" webbing; (2) cheap flooring vinyl; (3) A couple of sewing pins; (4) cotton and needle; (5) measuring tape/ruler (6) Stanley knife (or similar).


1. Cut a piece of webbing 13cm longer than the length required.

2. Fold each end back about 6cm and pin in place - check the measurement and make small adjustments as required to get correct browband length.

3. Double thread a needle and sew loops down, make sure you leave enough room to thread onto your bridle straps. Over stitch at least twice as these loops need to be strong.

4. Cut a length of vinyl to fit the length of browband between loops, just long enough to cover over your stitching, but not over the actual loops. trim ends and sew it onto the webbing. This gives the webbing enough stiffness to support your ribbon weaving. The sewing doesn't need to be too neat because it will be covered with ribbon.

5. Cover your browband with ribbon and bling.

Written by Colleen

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