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After many purchases and a handfull of sales I have learnt some very important lessons about ebay. Sellers, make it easy to buy your items. Let me flesh this out. The 4 common things I see that make itnot easy to buy are:

Aggressive language and overkill on bidding terms with the threat of negative feedback if jilted. Okay, youve had a bad experience, most will have at some time, I have had my fair share. Look, the premise of ebay is the honesty system so have faith that people will do the right thing. Once the bidding is finished, you can exchange emails to weed out if there will be a problem. Few sellers and buyers have negative feedback so the stats dont lie. Trust them. The time wasters will probably target your item because you are aggressive. Lets face it, they want a reaction and you are a sitting duck for them.

Bad presentation of items. Here's the tip, for clothing especially; wash it, iron it, lay it out neatly and with a neutral backdrop and use a decent high megapixel camera. How it looks is critical to its value when you cant touch or smell it.

Understand that not everyone buying is sitting in front of the computer 24 hours a day as you may be. Especially the ebay shop owners. Hey its your business so I understand why you are glued to the computer, Im sure Im like most buyers, I have a life outside ebay, kids, social life. So if payment isnt lightning speed, persist with emails asking politely why, opening disputes as the first action only irritates and makes buying the item then a not so nice idea. If irritated, email the issue and concern and keep all emotion out of it. Emotion only works if the buyer and seller know eachother, otherwise its a waste of energy.

Offer paypal, let me repeat, offer paypal! Gee what is the cost, really? Paypal means I can pay instantly Im notified of winning, yes thats right, "instantly". To pay bank deposit, Ive got to load up my bank's site, dig out my password, cut and past account numbers, load descriptors, blahblah... pain really...and as Im ebaying after a long day, couldnt be bothered really so leave if for a day or two. I speak for all those annoyed buyers with little free time, I will happily pay a dollar more or two to get to pay by paypal, give me the option to elect this. I recommend you itemise postage to include optional extra to pay by paypal if you are that worried about the cost, alternatively start price should be a couple of bucks more.



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