Make money with your DVD Collection

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I know of a great,simple and affordable to make some extra money in you spare time.I started recently selling my old DVD titles on Ebay.Thanks to  Ebay I was able to sell and turn my unwanted DVD's into money by listing them on Ebays auctions.I listed them on 5,7 or 10 day auction and was surprised how much money I,got for them.I was able to by same things  I wanted for quite some time.I was even able to find some DVD titles I was looking for for quite some on Ebay and got them on auctions or on a buy now basis.Best of all it does not cost a lot to sell or buy on Ebay.All you pay as a seller is a listing fee and when your item sells a final value fee.Mailing your DVD to the winning Ebay member does not cost you a cent the buy pays for postage and handling and you even can work the listing and final value fee into the postage and handling fee.What I was surprised with was that ebay members how won an item earlier off me came and bought more from other item Ihad already listed on my listings.Some of them added me to there favorit seller list and as soon as  I started listing new items they came back to my listings and bid and items they were interested in.So what have I learned from my Ebay experience?I learn that I can make some extra cash and fullfil some dreams just by doing buisness on Ebay.A borderless selling world.Thank you Ebay


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