Make sure you read what you are buying.

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Attention Buyers

 Some people like to sell a lot of things, but have you ever noticed or fully understood what you are buying. Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions, and also some people (such as myself) usually have small printing on the bottom of the advert telling of terms and conditions, most people over see this and don't even notice that they are there. Make sure before you place a bid or buy, to ask to see a photo of exactly what you are buying (if a photo is not available) so you know that you are getting that item and not some thing different.


 Buyers , please keep in mind, when you purchase something, and you no longer want that item, let the seller know asap so they can relist. The longer you make the seller wait, the worse mark you'll get on your feed back and a strike for non payment. Then all the next ebayer's dealing with you will hesitate before dealing with you.

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