Make the most out of your SPRAY TAN/FAKE TAN!

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Ever had a spray tan and found it only lasted a couple of days? OR it seemed to go on blotchy and leave streak marks on your body??? 

Try these helpful tips on how to prepare for and maintain your spray tan - so you can get the most from that lucious tan!

Pre-tan prep

One of the most important things you can do before your spray tan is EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE! Exfoliating thoroughly will ensure you have the best starting base for your spray tan to be applied to.....getting a spray tan without exfoliating first is like painting on an old wall without sanding it down before hand....the results will be sub-standard and simply won't last very long!  Also be careful if you use a body scrub to exfoliate with, some of these products can leave a residue on your skin which interferes or 'blocks' the solution from reaching the skin if it isn't washed off thoroughly.

Another thing to be mindful of when preparing for your spray tan is hair removal.  If you intend on waxing or even shaving before your spray tan appointment, make sure you do this at least 24 HOURS PRIOR to your appointment.  Done any closer to your appointment and you risk having a streaky spray tan (following the lines of where you shaved); or worse if you've waxed - the solution may not stick at all and you'll find you just wasted your hard earned money.

When arriving at your appointment, it is important that you have clean skin and are NOT wearing any moisturiser, perfume or other body sprays/products.  All of these things will act as a block to the solution and can interfere with your spray tan results.

It's also a good idea to wear dark loose fitting clothing to your appointment.  Once you have been sprayed, the solution takes time to dry and will inevitably rub off on your to avoid excess solution getting on your clothes and ultimately reducing the amount of solution on you, wear dark loose fitting clothing until the solution has had time to dry (depending on the base of the solution - be it more alcohol or aloe - it should take a couple of hours for the solution to dry well enough to change into more fitted attire). NOTE: Solution usually takes a minimum of 8 hours to fully is recommended to wait at least 8 hours before you wash!

Post-tan care

Ok, so you're now looking like a bronzed goddess and never want it to change....follow these basic steps and you can keep that glamorous look for longer:

  • MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! Once your solution has had time to fully develope and you've showered off the bronzer etc. the first thing that you should do is lather on a genorous coating of moisturiser.  Your skin will dry out a lot after you've had a spray tan, so it's super important to keep it moisturised.  In doing so you will reduce the rate that your skin with naturally exfoliates and hence prolong the life of your tan.  At minimum, I would recommend moisturising twice daily. 
  • I know i may sound like I'm being a bit of a wet blanket, but in order to get the most out of your tan, you should also avoid being in water for long periods (particularly chlorine and salt water); excess sweat and excess heat (such as saunas/steam rooms etc). All of these things will degrade the quality of your tan.
  • When drying off after showing etc. try your best to pat dry yourself.  By rubbing your skin with your towel (no matter how soft and fluffy it may be!) you are slowly exfoliating off your tan.  So be mindful of how you dry off.

Final Tips

There are a lot of products on the market at the moment that aim the gradually build up a tan on your skin.  I have a lot of clients that have tried to use these products as a type of 'tan extender'.....although to some degree this does work, be aware that the solutions used in those products will be very different to that of your spray tan (unless produced by the same company) and as a result the tinted moisturisers will change the colour of your spray tan! So if you have decided to use one of these products to prolong your tan, I recommend using it once every second day to avoid loosing that beautiful bronzed look only achieved by a professional spray tan.

I hope this guide has been of help and most of all you have found out some good tips on how to make the most out of your tan.

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