Make your own Rubber Stamps

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Here is a cheap and easy way to make your own rubber stamp IF YOU ARE GAME

I learnt this in my first year of high school.


You will need minimal tools and equipment for this project:

Rubber White 

Tracing Paper





Piece of Wood 


Cellulose Sponge


1. Choose a design that can fit on a white eraser and trace the image onto tracing paper with your pencil making a heavy, thick line.

2. Turn the tracing paper over onto your eraser and draw on top of the lines of the design while applying pressure. This will transfer the design to the top of the eraser.

3. Use a pen to re-mark the pencil line to make them more obvious. The reversed image will be easier to see now and you can cut out the areas of the eraser with a needle that are not part of the design.

4. Using a needle, trace the lines several times to allow the surface of the rubber to be scored. This initial scoring should be away from the image with no undercutting.

5. Next, use a very sharp crafting knife to cut the lines of the image deeper. Cut the angles at a slope with the narrow section towards the top of the eraser.

6. Clean off any left over ink from the eraser and place the stamp on a ink pad to take a test print of the design. This will help you to see where the rough edges of your stamp need to be trimmed.

If you make a mistake while cutting, you can use sandpaper to sand-off cuts that are not to deep.

7. Cut the sponge the same shape as the stamp and then glue the sponge to the back of the rubber stamp.

8. Cut a piece of wood that is the same size or slightly larger than your design and glue it to the back of the sponge and rubber stamp piece.

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