Make your own jewellery

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Making your own jewellery can be fun and rewarding. You don't really need any special tools, but a bit of patience helps. You can make necklaces for presents, earrings to match a special outfit, or friendship braclets. In this guide you will learn some handy tips to consider. 1. The tools you need: A pair of long nose pliers and if you have a pair of wire cutter this can be good too. 2. You need some ideas: Check out some fashion magazines, what are your friends wearing, or maybe you have an outfit or a necklace that needs a pair of matching earrings. 3. It's time to go shopping: If you want to make necklaces then you should purchase some tiger tail wire - plastic coated jewellery wire that does not break, which means you do not lose your precious new beads. And pick yourself out some beads. If you want to make earring then you need earring hooks, earring posts, try out small peices of chain, and don't forget those pretty little silver daisy spacers that you can get, they just add that finishing touch. Don't forget the beads. If you want to make friendship braclets one of the best things is that jelly wire - stretchy wire that I can't seem to break. 4. Now when you have all your stuff together you can sit down anytime to create. 5. Now give your beautifully handmade jewellery to your friends, or family, or just simply keep them for a special day.
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