Making Payments And Getting Paid!!!

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As a seller it really angers me when someone does not pay within the listings given time frame. Equally as annoying is items that are not shipped with in a few days of payment. eBay can quickly turn into a migraine headache when this go belly up! So here are what i consider to be some common curtseys that we all need to adopt if we are all to be happy using eBay.


1) Don't bid on something if you have plans to go away for a few days with out consulting with the seller first. A quick message to the seller will tell you if they will wait a few days for payment or not.

2) Don't bid on something unless you can pay at auction end or as soon as you are aware of a win. Once again sellers don't like to be waiting for a payment and again it is just common curtsy to contact the seller if there is a problem.

3) Think before you left click!!! Make sure you have read the listing through more than once and agree with the sellers terms. After all most sellers tell you in there listing how they want the sale to go down. Make sure you understand what the seller is trying to convey and if your confused, message the seller for clarification!


1) Post the item as soon as humanly possible as soon as it has been paid for. No one likes to be waiting around for a package and if there is a problem, let the buyer know. Most people are understanding.

2) Don't go away for a few days while you have things on sale unless you have or are able to make contact with the buyer to let them know of your situation.

3) Boxing stuff up is a pain in the backside, but this does not mean you should cut corners. Always make sure your item is packaged well for travel because postal/courier services can be ruff as guts with your items.

4) If the item you send has a tracking number, don't wait for the buyer to ask you for it! Hand it over as soon as it is on it's way.


LEARN EBAY!!! Research what you are buying or selling. Read all you can about how eBay works. Get friend or family to show you the ropes. Ask for help from eBay live, thats what there for!

I personally do not bid on something unless i am cashed up and can pay as soon as i am aware of a win. I don't sell something unless i can send it that day or the next day at auction end. If there is a problem i message the person on the other end to talk about the issue. This keeps everyone happy. Just simple things... Thats all...

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