Making an informed choice with Multipoint pocket scales

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Digital compact precision pocket scales have been readily available for the past 25 years. In the beginning the major players were Tanita, Acculab and Ohaus. From the late 90's the scale market has been progressively and increasingly invaded by Chinese manufacturers. This recent evolution of the scale market has both positives and negatives .

POSITIVE: The low prices offered by the Chinese companies and junk exporters are unrivaled by any brand name scale. This has forced the name brand companies to lower their prices in order to stay competitive. Increased competition in a marketplace is always a good thing.

NEGATIVE: With the internet sales of pocket scales ever increasing the market is being flooded by cheap, inferior quality scales. Unfortunately these items might appear very similar to those of the high quality, named brands, but in fact they are far from comparable. Many of these scales simply would not sell anywhere but on the internet. These no-name scales are usually of poor quality and only last for a short period of time. Compounding this problem further is the fact that many of those individuals distributing the unbranded products, have no real knowledge of the scales mechanics and they are simply in to make a quick dollar. Customer support and service is often minimum, to non existent! Recent reports out of the USA have seen a significant number of companies changing names and closing offices to avoid warranty issues. Multipoint Technologies will always stand by products and their warranties. Our technicians ensure Multipoint products are of high standards.

Through a great deal of research Multipoint is proud to offer the Lante Brand of scales. In Multipoint Advertising where you see the following logo you can be assured the scale quality, materials and workmanship are exceptional.

Please note the Lante Factory has recently informed us that several of their patented designs have illegally been copied. We are aware that currently there is at least one supplier of FAKE Lante scales in Australia. We would encourage consumers to be wary!

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