Making it on Ebay

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I'm writing this guide mainly as a help for all those sellers out there on Ebay. My thoughts on Ebay are that it is a good tool to enable me as a seller to get rid of some of those things that otherwise I would really have a hard time finding a buyer for.

        Previously I would take my stuff to the Sunday market and end up selling some good stuff for next to nothing. I still use the Sunday market but only for things that are so cheap or poor quality that makes it difficult to sell on Ebay. I find that on Ebay most items give me a low price but very often something will really take off and make up for the lower priced items. What I do when I sell goods on Ebay is to put a high starting price on it if I think there will be only a few bitters and a low starting price if I think there will be a lot of bidders. This takes a bit of research on Ebay but I see this as part of my education and do'nt mind using the time.



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