Making money from yours and others unwanted clothes!

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Ebay is a fantastic way to make some extra cash on your unwanted clothing and accessories and even better, others clothing and accessories.  Bags, hats, shoes, belts and clothing, all of those "must have" purchases and "why not" sale items that you have never worn but just had to have, that have taken up valuable space in your wardrobe.  Sell them now, it's so easy on ebay.... 

Imagine.... Buying something knew, wearing it twice and then selling it for the price you paid (or even more) and then buying something else with the money you made.  Your friends will think you're a walking boutique, whilst you will never have to where the same thing twice!

I have also started scouting the local markets and garage sales, looking for second hand clothing, bags, belts etc from great brands and then selling them on ebay.  Vintage clutch purses, big belts, boho jewellery etc, it's all back in fashion and selling for ridiculous prices down the road at your local weekend garage sales. 

Here is another idea.... Offer to sell your families and friends clothing for a commission.  You will be surprised at the great old clothes and accessories your mum and grandmother will have lying around the house that is back in fashion and selling at very high prices, remember vintage is in!  I sell my friends unwanted clothing and receive 30% commission from their sales, it is barely work as I am shopping at the same time.  Perfect for stay at home mums who want to make some extra cash without leaving their bubs, isn't ebay fantastic!

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