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They don't cost much, just a little bit of time.  
Recently,  I had to re-list an item.   No big deal, perhaps the buyer  had changed their mind.    I believe this buyer had become ill and was unable to collect on the pre-arranged day.   I hope she feels well soon and my sympathy goes with her.   
What I am disappointed about, however, are all the phone calls and messages I made with no reply.  10 days after purchase date....?   
Did she still want the item?   Had she changed her mind?   Would it be unethical for me to re-list the item?  Would it be rude and inconsiderate of me to make yet one more call  (to an unanswered phone...leaving the SAME message)?
It doesn't even bother me too much that I had to re-list the item - although unless I get a refund, the item would have cost me more than what I actually made.    But it does bother me that people can forget their manners simply because the transaction takes place anonymously, online.
Im sure most of us can do a little better than that.
Have a great day, and remember your manners ;)



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