Marimekko Finland fabric vintage / modern reprint

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The fabrics of Marimekko are some of the most highly sought after 20th century textiles. The Finnish company, now one of the world's largest textiles manufacturers, came on to the global fabrics, soft furnishing and fashion marketplace with super graphic, bold and very colourful fabric designs. It was founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia and her husband Viljo.

In the past five years Marimekko has been reprinting some of their earlier designs and selling them worldwide throughout either Marimekko stores or trade partners. Some of these fabulous designs include:

Katsuji Wakisaka: Bo Boo
Maija Isola: Melooni
Maija Isola: Albatrossi
Maija Isola: Lokki
Maija Isola: Joonas
Maija Isola: Nooa
Maija Isola: Ananas
Maika Isola: Kivet
Maila Isola: Unikko
Katsuji Wakisaka: Karuselli
Maija Isola: Pepe
Maija Isola: Keisarinkruunu
Maija Isola: Kaivo
Maija Isola: Seireeni
Maija Isola: Fandango

And the list goes on! The company are also starting to reprint recent favourites from the 80s and 90s - and even the earlier 2001 designs. Many of the reprints are in original and new colourways.

What are the differences between a genuine vintage Marimekko fabric and it's latest reprint. For one - the cotton is different. It doesn't have as high a thread count and is therefore not as sturdy as the original cotton. It will not seem as thick, nor as stiff, as the original print-runs. The printing is also different - the inaccuracies on the original printruns with overlapping dyes, overlapping silk screens etc, have been ironed out somewhat. Unfortunately most of the selvedges - ie, designer, name of fabrics and year of production, is exactly the same as the original. This will be part of Marimekko's undoing in the collectable stakes - they should have differentiated between the original vintage and the reproduction by changing at least the year on the selvedge.

The new reprints are also being brought out as tableclothes, napkins, towels, duvet covers, pillowcases etc - Crate and Barrel has this license. A lot of US sellers are also selling the free swatches you can get from Marimekko and their partners - I think you can get up to eight pieces for free. These are all reprint fabrics.

When buying Marimekko always look to buy a complete pattern repeat and ask the seller if the fabric is vintage or not - many of us sellers are honest people and will answer you honestly if they haven't already listed it in the auction...

Hope this helps!
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