Market your Concept ? plan? idea? product?

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So you've got an idea, a product... a capitilist plan, and are willing to take it to the top! But your business is failing due to the extent of the acute needs for particular products niche marketplace... But from your time at your nightmarish dayjob to trump towers is proving harder then it seems to turn in to a reality?

Chances are you product is not getting the exposure it deserves? In a time of stocks & commoditities and profit & losses, give & take... the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer! right... Well thy brethren... Fear no more and greener pastours are upon us!

First of all! exposure exposure exposure ! thats right its a new buzzword, getting your idea out there amongst the people that are potential buyers, the people that could be saving time, money, labour... or purely physiologically nessecity which your regretting burning all your bridges and ripping out all your hair because it seemed like such a great idea at the time...

Register  with and become a powerseller!

Product placement and marketing is a key aspect to cracking the big time in terms of making millions off your seemingly brillient idea or talent... question is how cost effective is too earn a decent living in these bohemian times where potential payouts in the independent operators world is few and far between!

Many entrepreneurs have lived and died in these dire middleclass times! Its just establishing an appropriate marketplace and clientele that provide that additional income untill you can roll your idea off the production line flawlessly...

Well get it out there ! dont lowball yourself anylonger, get yourself a digital camera (EBAY or not)  a pc, a connection and follow the prompts... financial green street! !

All you need to do is register your  general demographics wit ebay as part of their mandatory sellors contractual law binding obligations act and pay a small % fee

write an outlining page highlighting your ideal customers shortfalls, product parameters and specifications

such as size & colours available... one time only, buy it now, auction (set a reserve) if required, length of auction relisting details quantity available, and most of all be trustworthy and realistic about the unique tangents or the item listed as Ebay capitizes on word of mouth trust and agreements in essence...

Dont fight the economy any longer if you cant beat it join it and start here

register with and become a seller, gloss up your product and do its true justice in concise marketing ploys... ebay will do the rest with its benefactory software... it will add into all sorts and searchs through an elaborate network of dot com addresses worldwide!

yours sincerely

hipbideehopper ! 2006

Holla at your shopper ! 

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