Mattel Barbie Horses

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The first ever Matell Barbie Horse to be released was an 11" tall jointed Bay named Dancer in 1971. Dancer came on a stand that had a lever you could move to make the horse canter.

Many other horses have come after Dancer, like the beautiful mare Dallas (1980), her foal Dixie (1982), stallion Midnight (1981) etc.

Below is a list of just some of the lovely equines that Barbie and her friends have enjoyed:

Honey - 1982 Skippers Mare

Nibbles - Magnet in muzzle to pick up picnic items

Prancer - 1983 'Dream Horse'

Western Star - 1983

Star Stampin' Western Star - Special Release came with clip on horseshoes that had patterns on them


Champion - 1991

Sun Flower



Lucky - Pinto

Blinking Beauty - 1988

SunRunner - 1990 Appaloosa Mare 'Western Fun' Playset

Star Stepper - 1991

Rosebud - 1992

Galaxy -1996

Sprint - Walking horse

Rainbow - 1999 Pink Pagasus comes with fairy friend Sprinkles

Amethyst - 1999 Sparkle Beauties

Blue Diamond - 1999 Sparkle Beauties

Butterfly - Meadow Mares

Daisy - Meadow Mares

Flower - Meadow Mares

Hummingbird - Meadow Mares

Walking Beauty

'Sweety' Walking Beauty

'Sassy' Walking Beauty

Baby Walking Beauty

Marzipan - from Nutcracker

Botticelli - from Rapunzel

Lila - Unicorn from Swan Lake

Posh Pets - 3 Horses, Palomino, Grey & Brown

Brietta - Purple Pegasus from Magic Of Pegasus

Pegasus Ponies x3 (Pink/Purple/Orange)- Kelly & Kelly's friends rode in Magic Of Pegasus

Baja - CaliGirl

Pacificia - CaliGirl

Topanga - CaliGirl

Torrance & Laguna - CaliGirl Colts

Hermosa & Redondo - CaliGirl Colts

Tawny - 2006 Real life Walking Horse

There are just way too many to name, these are the only ones I can remember at present, I will have to do some more research and add more as new information comes to hand.

I hope this has helped you!!! :)


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