Measuring Yourself - Wedding Dress Fitting Perfection

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The Basics

If you have a wedding in the near future it’s time to start planning. Most women are completely lost when it comes to purchasing their wedding dress, and while most women have an idea of what they want, some have absolutely no clue where to begin. However, you should not start worrying just yet. Wedding dresses and shopping for them can be as simple as your make it and the more relaxed and confident that you become, the easier the process itself becomes. Wedding dresses can be made all over the world, and where you purchase your dress is a big decision, but before you get into that decision, or even before you get into what style dress you are going to chose, or color you should know your sizes. Wedding dress shopping for most is not as simple as shopping for other types of dresses with just one size, there are a number of measurements you need to obtain to make sure your dress is fitted appropriately. This is why the most important part of beginning your search for a wedding dress is measurement.

How To Measure

To start, it is often beneficial to have someone helping you, it is not necessary but having someone there to help with your measurements is a great way to make sure you can maintain the proper stance and get accurate measurements. The first measurement you are going to want to get is the bust. To measure the bust line, if you haven’t done so before, wrap the tape measure around yourself at the fullest point of the bust (The point that sticks out the furthest at a profile view). After you’ve taken down that number, label it and continue. Make sure your tape measure is parallel to the floor, and take it one more time, to insure accuracy. If the second try is different from the first, keep taking the measurement until you get a consistent answer.

Next is the waist, your waist line is the natural waistline of your body, take notice that this is not your hip. For most women, the natural waistline is around the same spot as your belly button. Think of where high waist jeans would be placed. Again, make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor. Jot down and label this measurement as well, and repeat the measurement for accuracy

Next is the hip, the hip is where the your torso becomes your pelvis almost, just be sure you’re about eight to ten inches from the waist and measure the fullest part of your hip similar to the way you measured the bust. In this instance, you should also be keeping your tape measure parallel to the floor

The last measurement you will want to take is the length, because the styles of dresses will vary, take one measurement from the clavicle hollow at your neck, where your neck ends and your torso begins, down to the floor. Write this down and label accordingly, and take one from your hip to the floor and write and label that one as well, this way your designer has more to work with. If you feel the need, also take a proper measurement of your height in inches, this may be of help as well.


There are many more measurements you may wish to take, and they are all specified further in our wedding gown purchase pages. So if you want accuracy, make sure you give precise measurements for each requirement. It couldnt be simpler!

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