Mecco-Starwars and other Galatic Funk

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The Disco version of Star Wars,  its OK  I once had this on vinyl L.P and lost it on moving house. If you are a Star Wars Fan this is the one to get it has it all . Made from the original Star Wars long time ago in a Galaxy far far away.
If you like SIFI music and collect all sorts this is the one to get and yes it grows on you , its a light Hearted way of kicking back and unwinding. This music comes with other Galactic Funk a type of drum play that happens to be on the same CD.
There are all sorts of versions of Star Wars but this one is enjoyable to listen to right up there with every piece of Space Music there is,  including Instrumental , Erick Kunzel , John Williams the original and Best.
For all the Star Wars Fans there are Star Wars tunes that are known by all and this one has it all , Everyone knows the Cantina Band well this does it justice , Well put  togeather , Light Sabre duels , R2D2 , Ewoks its got it all .
The album Produced by Meco Monardo,Harold Wheeler and Tony Bongiovi Mercury Records a universal Music company HipO Records.
This is a good buy and cheap some people hate it , but if you love every thing Star Wars Get it!!!
Yes I would recommend this to a friend , It"s a pity it does not last any longer , A very colourful cover Art
on the outside , Running time 39:26 , Released in 1999 on CD , Genre Disco , Artist MECO.
1 Star Wars / Meco. 2 Other Galactic Funk / Meco. 3 Star Wars Theme/ Cantina Band { 7" Edit} / Meco.
4 Star Wars Theme  / Cantina Band {12" Disco Mix } / Meco.
The Cover art work looks like a Metropolis SIFI Space future from the late 1920s ,  There are two People
dancing on a platform with Rocket ships in the background all in Orange and blue.

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