Memory Sticks , SDCards and the like

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If you are buying these sorts of products then you need to be aware of some important facts.

From China I can get generic memory cards with any label and packaging for only 15 cents extra compared to a blank card , so if you think you are buying a genuine one , even from local retail outlets , you may be caught.

The generic brand is not the problem , it is what some sellers and suppliers do to the cards that is the problem.

They work under the assumption that most people run some form of Windows on their pc and this is where the trick lies. Windows due to poor programming can easily be tricked into thinking a 512MB card is in fact 8GB by a simple manipulation of some bits. With Linux systems your memory stick ALWAYS shows the actual size , not the fake one.

A simple test is plug your memory stick into your pc. With Windows right click and select properties. Windows will show you what it "thinks" the size is - might be right , but might be wrong. If you right click on the icon for the memory stick and select Format ( but don't format it ) , at the top right you will see exactly the size of the card. If this is lower than the first value , you have bought a hacked card and will run out of space when you try to use it.

This won't help you with arguments against the seller , but it may give you a better understanding of why your device isn't working the way you think it should with regards as storage size.

This also applies to any memory device , USB flash drives , MP3/MP4 players etc so please take care.
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