Memory cards and postage

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Recently i purchased a 64mb SD card off ebay. It took a little bit longer to get here then it normally would but eventually it arrived. To my surprise the envelope was empty and there was a rip down the side and some damage to it. The seller had indeed posted it but where was it? After contacting my post office and australia post customer service i found out that you shouldnt post memory cards in paper envelops. The sorting machines australia post use to sort letters rip thick items out of them which is what happened to my item. They told me it often happens with keys however it is becoming more and more popular for memory cards to get lost like this. My card did not turn up, so this guide is for buyers and sellers to take heed. Sellers, dont be cheap! Pack your items in cardboard envelops to ensure their safety. Buyers, make sure that your seller has packaged it correctly and if it cost an extra dollar or two dont be cheap! Hopefully this will stop some memory cards disappearing.
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