Memos for Ebay-ing

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When I first heard about Ebay over a year ago, I was extremely skeptical. I thought it would lead to lots of disappointments such as getting bad products, or even worse - not getting the product at all. After asking friends questions about it, I finally gave it a go, and am still going!

I guess to key ingredient to ensure a safe and satisfied experience as a buyer is communication. That is, to make sure that all the doubts and questions that you have about the item are directed to the seller before making a bid on it...even if it's a simple question such as how much registered post would cost, or the length or size of the item. From my experience, if you are a potential buyer, the sellers are more than welcome to lay your questions to rest. Another thing is always look at the ratings of the buyer and to read their comments, because that will give you a primary clue as to how the deal will be made. Just make sure if you expect them to deal fairly, you as the buyer must also deal fairly e.g. pay in accordance to the date given. If you can't make the dead-line, always tell the buyers straight away.

I guess that's all the memos I can think about Ebaying. Remember, communication is the key!



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