Men, Underwear, and Comfort

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Boxers and briefs are two of the most commonly known men's underwear. Men choose what they want to wear base on the comfort provided by the underwear.
Are you a boxer shorts guy? Or are you a briefs guy? I wouldn't care if men wear boxer shorts or briefs since I know that they are all about comfort and practicality. Men have different preferences when it comes to their underwear. That's why there are more styles and variations of men's underwear now than there were designs during the 1980s and 1990s. So, let's see if the following statements would prove true about guys who wear boxers or briefs.
A pair of boxer shorts offers freedom from limited spaces that briefs usually have. Guys who wear boxers want to relax and feel the breeze down there. However, it does not provide enough support for the genitals. It appears in an extensive collection of design and hues. It is far from being effortless to use the front fly of boxer shorts than that of briefs. It is also much simpler to slip out of boxer shorts than its counterpart. Boxers are deemed to be more publicly appropriate loungewear than briefs. You wouldn't want somebody running around your neighborhood just wearing their briefs, would you? You'll think him a lunatic if that happens. And last but not the least, it could cover up a man's undesirable figure.
If you look at the general picture, there are also some disadvantages in wearing boxers. For a supposed-to-be comfortable men's underwear, the wide waistband of boxers would leave the wearer irritated as it leaves marks on the skin, especially if you're a bit on the heavy side. Wearing boxer shorts on a date could be unfavorable as well, particularly if you end up feeling aroused by your beautiful date. It would be too embarrassing for words if you wear your boxers underneath your pants since, loose boxers, in particular, have a tendency to leave an impression on your pants which could result to wrinkles. In addition, loose boxer shorts tend to bunch up.
Are you always on the go and you want the feeling of support underneath your genitals? Then, all you need is the men's underwear called briefs. Briefs have a crotch that prevents your genitalia from hanging. They also don't travel above your waist because the elastic band on the legs prevents them from doing so. Likewise, they wouldn't leave any wrinkles on your pants because they're not that loose.
The problems with briefs is when the waistband has already loosened, there's no other choice but to throw the briefs away. Also, there are only a few colors to choose from when compared to boxers.
Boys are called men if, aside from maturing, they have changed their briefs to boxer shorts. 

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