Men’s Luxury Watches, Would You Buy Them?

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A gentleman walks up at a display counter crammed with luxury watches. Stares longingly at a particular luxury watch (maybe torn between the potential benefits of owning it and the cost of the chic timepiece in front him), then casually walks away. A lot of men find themselves doing the same, but that’s not the point.
These said “potential” benefits of owning a luxury watch, what are they? And why would a man take the plunge and invest all their money in a mere brand name watch? Here’s a look at why men wear luxury watches when indeed they are just that – luxury timepieces.

#1: For Top-Quality Time Keeping

Forget the aesthetics. Every watch must keep time well irrespective of its overall quality. It’s the most basic of thing that every watch must do. But the crafting of a watch entirely differs from another. Low-priced watches are often mass produced with little concern over ‘quality control’. In fact, the phrase is unheard of in dingy ‘factories’ where they’re assembled. Luxury watches are a different kettle of fish. Skilled artisans work on them for months or even years on end.
Their craftsmanship is kept remarkably high so as to achieve a top-tier level of quality like no other in the world. Some of the famous watch-making companies such as Patek Philippe go the extra mile of employing the use of master horologists just to put together their signature, classy timepieces. The materials used in luxury watches are designed to make them reliably keep time – often for decades or more. With only minor tune-ups are required every 5 years or so.
The same can’t be said of cheap watches, which hardly last a few months without experiencing major failures in their main functionalities. When you factor in the myriad of complex yet chic functionalities of a luxury watch say aeronautical gauges for aviation watches, water-resistance for sports watches, their utmost reliability is beyond what words can express.

#2: Investment Value

A luxury timepiece will last your eons and still functional as if new. It is a worthy investment in every sense that’s notably composed of parts and materials that remain valuable throughout the years. Luxury timepieces retain considerable long-term value as they are regarded jewelry pieces that are composed of precious metals. You only need to look at the meteoric rise of gold over the years to be reminded of the potential value these luxury watches hold. 

#3: A Subtle Display of Wealth

Looks matter, and that’s a fact. You’re more likely to draw attention with a prominent brand of luxury timepiece than an ordinary watch. Details and luxury – attributes that luxury timepieces bear – are held in high esteem on today’s world particularly when paired with a tasteful choice of wardrobe to complement your looks. With such watches, you can subtly display your wealth without coming across as full of yourself.

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