Mens Underwear Briefs and Being Next to Naked

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Changes in one's body is one crucial point that makes one conscious of his or her preference for underwear. Men's underwear is most recognizable in the form of the classic men's briefs. But whatever underwear a man is wearing, his lack of it or even its display have spurred the strangest of laws.
A young child could care less if he or she is wearing briefs or panties. Eventual puberty and obvious bodily changes will, however, make an individual fully conscious what kind of underwear he or she is wearing.
For men, this distinction becomes crucial as what they have down there does not only need cover, but adequate support as well. Even though primal instinct may make a man think that it is alright for him to be naked all the time, public decency and actual laws prevents him from doing so. Going commando, on the other hand, may be the way to go. But either a man's own clothes or his own personal moral standards during social interactions in many places may and will prevent him from opting to leave his house without briefs or any underwear. Men's underwear comes in many styles and fabrics that choosing or wearing one may be enough compensation for being naked.
The traditional men's white cotton briefs, is perhaps, the face of men's underwear. The y-shaped piping on its front is one of its most recognizable features, making the common man's brief an underwear accessible across cultures. For the Yanks, it may be called tightie-whities, while the Brits prefer to call the classic men's underwear Y-fronts. Whatever its name might be, the style of this staple underwear mostly only varies in the use of fabric, thickness of its elastic band, and whether or not the leg holes have elastics or not.
Laws regarding the use of briefs and lack thereof range from the practical to the bizarre. Prohibition of public nudity translates to laws on decent exposure. Without briefs, and sometimes even with pants or shorts on, a man is at risk to have his genitals seen in public and be accused of illegal public exposure. But these laws are quite practical, as people of varying moral standards are at risk too. However, some laws are as strange as prohibiting briefs to be hung out to dry in the same clothesline as panties. There was even a law passed in California that prohibits conversion of dirty underwear as a rug to wipe off dust. If one is to consider these laws wherever they might be, any man has a lot to think of before he puts on his briefs!
An undergarment company once claimed that wearing their product is comparable to the comfort of being naked (if one is comfortable being naked at all). The use of underwear such as briefs however, did change our perception of nakedness - whether in terms of personal opinion or a public one that spurred strange underwear laws. 

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