Metal Detectors - Long Range Locators

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Devices that are supposed to enable the location of items such as precious metals and gems are scams. The so-called "technology" in fact relies on the user to be able to dowse. The impressive looking items for sale that have a calculator attached to a plastic box (that may or may not have a knob or two on it) and a car aerial sticking out of the front are useless.

A long range locator is touted as being a type of metal detector, supposedly able to detect a variety of substances, including gold, drugs and explosives and most are claimed to operate by emitting a signal and receiving a return signal from the substance in question as the substance will supposedly resonate at a particular frequency that the detector will pick up.
Many treasure hunters swear by the devices; however, the internal workings of many devices have been examined and found to be incapable of operating as advertised, and have therefore been dismissed as overpriced dowsing rods or similarly useless devices. Virtually all such devices claim to operate on a resonant frequency principle where the device is said to emit an electromagnetic signal, either through an antenna or a probe, and that the substance in question  such as gold, silver or, unbelievably, paper money  will respond to the signal and the device will indicate the presence of such material by indicating a change in direction relative to the operator.
This theory of operation is not supported by scientific theory; the devices have not been shown to work in blind testing, and the resonance principle invoked has not been shown to work in laboratories (and is not consistently employed by LRL manufacturers). Examples exist of LRL devices having no internal power source at all and instead are claimed to be self-powered or powered by ambient static electricity; these are indistinguishable from dowsing rods.
Avoid anything that has the words Long Range as part of either the item description of name. Lets face it, if these devices worked as claimed the user would locate anything valuable that was within the supposed range. Why then would they sell the unit instead of seeking the valuable material themselves?
You can view comments about Long Range Locators (LRL’s) on most internet forums concerned with metal detecting. Before parting with any money do your research thoroughly as you may find the product will not be as useful to you as you first thought
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