Metaphysical Properties of Amber

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Amber has a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing at the same time.  It can help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought and wisdom.   It is said to cleanse the environment by drawing out negativity and is thought to relieve physical pain in the same way.  It brings the energies of patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification balance, healing and calmness to those who wear of carry it.  It is considered a good luck charm for marriage.  Amber is excellent for inner child and past life work.  It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and sometimes the sacral chakra.  Mystical lore says that Amber is beneficial for bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears and hearing problems, endocrine system and intestinal/digestive disorders.  It may help kidney, bladder and lung disorders and assist with general healing purposes

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These properties have been collected from various sources and personal experiences over many years.  For more in-depth or specific information please contact an experienced Crystal or Colour Therapist

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