Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate

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Agate (Moss)

Moss Agate brings general abundance, success and prosperity.  It is sometimes called the "gardeners stone" due to its properties of helping ensure a full crop.  It may help one gain peace from extreme or excessive duties in life and bring self-confidence and higher self esteem.  As with all Agates, Moss Agate is a protective stone.  It may reduce the difficulties associated with overcoming addictive behaviors.  Moss Agate is associated with the heart chakra and is a stone of compatibility and friendship.  It is also believed to improve circulation, enhance healing and overcome digestive or intestinal disorders.  Green Moss Agate is said to assist in prosperity and finding hidden treasure.

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These properties have been collected from various sources and personal experiences over many years.  For more in-depth or specific information please see an experienced Crystal or Colour Therapist

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