Microdermabrasion Cloth - no more scrubs or exfoliators

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Throw away those expensive exfoliators and scrubs! Microdermabrasion cloths are the new thing to remove dead skin cells and make your skin glow without resorting to expensive products or laser treatment. And the best thing? they last for 2 years or more!

Microdermabrasion cloths are great for removing dead skin cells. The cloth can be used anywhere on your body - age or liver spots, acne scars, tattoos - and it works by peeling away old skin and exposing new skin.

In order to use it properly you'll need to wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap or antibacterial cleanser and then dry it well. Next you will scrub face and neck with microdermabrasion cloth that has been dampened with warm water. You shouldn't rub your skin too vigorously and as with regular dermabrasion you need to avoid sun exposure.

* Removes rough , dead skin cells, oil, dirt, whiteheads, and blackheads.
* Stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenates your skin. Skin will look noticeably smoother and more radiant after the first use.
* Will lessen scarring from acne as well as lessen the appearance of stretch marks with continued use.
* Reduces sagging by stimulating collagen and elastin.
* Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria without chemicals
* Exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and radiant.
* Minimises fine age lines and wrinkles.
* Reduces age spots and pigmentation imbalances .
* Self tan will last 50% longer on clean skin.

These cloths truly are a miracle! I will never spend money on expensive beauty treatments or beauty products again.

  1. Look at the sellers feedback before considering any purchase.
  2. Ask the seller questions if you are unsure about the product, payment methods or postage.
  3. Follow the sellers Terms & Conditions to avoid any problems with the transaction after you have already made the purchase.
  4. Communication is the key to a successful transaction!
  5. Use safe payment methods such as PayPal which offers up to $1,500 protection on your eBay purchases.

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