Migraines / This is a true remedy that actualy works!

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I understand entirely what migraines are, as I have suffered for the past 7 years with them. I always do neck stretches to avoid migraines, this works to evade a migraine. I have now been pain free for 6 months upon only 1 session of Bowen Therapy & it actualy works, I am totaly pain free with Migraines & also back pain (schiatica)

A true saviour to my life, as I suffered continuously with migraines for 4 1/2 years, I was so scared of waking everyday, it was absolutely unbelievable, but now, am pain free, thank god for Bowen Therapy.

The man who performed the treatment was at a wedding I was at, & I was so ill, undescribeably ill, & I was throwing up & in a totaly different world to everybody else. He asked me if I would like the treatment, & of course I said yes, I thought I was going to die. He told me that quite often the people he treats for migraines never have a migraine again, I am convinced this will work for you also. Please make sure you get someone with the credentials for this treatment, as the man that treated me had a wealth of knowledge of 30 years with this treatment as well as being an expertice in other fields of treatments.

I know it will work for you also :-)

"Live Pain Free with Bowen Therapy"



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