Migraines - a miracle remedy - fact or fiction?

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Migraines - they can be debilitating. You lock yourself in a darkened room to shut out all light and all sound. You take the doctor's prescription and hope that it will get you to sleep through the worst of it, take the edge off the pain or just stop you feeling like you want to throw up. You've tried everything - the herbal and other "natural" remedies, acupuncture, pethadine, Imigran, massage...you've exhausted the list. Nothing works. You've done everything the doctor told you - no chocolate, no coffee, you eat sensibly, exercise, you try and avoid stress but nothing prevents the onset of migraine.

We're all individuals and each of our bodies is going to respond differently to the different medications and "miracle cures" around. What works for one person isn't going to work for the next so don't consider this a miracle cure for you. In fact, seek medical advice before you try it, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. (I was so desperate, I was willing to try anything...even while I was on blood pressure tablets and couldn't even drive myself to the doctor's anyway!)

I tried all medical and non-medical treatments but they all failed abysmally. Then one day, last year, after being bed-ridden for 5 days, a girlfriend came to visit and told me she'd get rid of the migraine for me. Hah! Yeah right! I thought. The last thing you want when you have a migraine is a visitor so I sat, shielding all light from my eyes, snapping at her and dismissing everything she said as a crock of the proverbial...until an hour later.

I've never had a migraine since and when the first symptoms appear, I move into action to avoid getting one. Everything you need can be found on the supermarket shelf. No need to make an appointment to see anyone or go to the chemist to have a prescription filled.

You will need a can of Red Bull, Nurofen Migraine Pain tablets, a wheat bag and cold compress/face-washer).

What's Red Bull? It's an energy drink, full of caffeine and yes, precisely what the doctors tell us to avoid.

The procedure is simple. At the first symptom of a migraine, heat the wheat bag in a microwave oven. Swallow the 2 Nurofen Migraine Pain tablets and drink the Red Bull as quickly as you can. Place the wheat bag around the back of your neck and the cold compress on your forehead. Make sure you're sitting because a weird sensation is most likely going to hit you. If you're lucky, like I was, the migraine will dissipate and you'll be feeling 100% fit around an hour later. The pain usually leaves in around 15-20 minutes but the other symptoms (a bit like a hangover) take a little longer to vanish.

After suffering for migraines every 6-8 weeks over the past couple of decades, I can say with some relief, that since that day in June, I've never suffered a migraine. Headaches yes, migraines no. And there's a big difference between the two. I use this treatment as a "preventative" rather than a "cure" now and have recommended it to other migraine sufferers who also no longer suffer from the ailment.

For the sceptics (like I was) out there and there will be plenty, including my doctor...let me try and explain the logic behind all of this seemingly all too simple yet bizarre cure. Migraines tend to be caused by poor circulation - not enough oxygen getting to the head and often lots of tension, often in the back of the neck and shoulders. Caffeine is a stimulant - it will get your blood flowing quicker and your heart pumping faster - more circulation, more oxygen. The heat in the wheat bag helps with the stimulation/circulation. The Nurofen combats the pain and the cold compress cools you down where you need it - on your forehead (or temples, cheeks, etc.)

I wrote this guide to try and offer one more option to those who are suffering. I'm not selling any migraine products and frown upon those who sell natural products claiming they can cure migraines. They might ease headaches (if you're lucky) but they won't cure migraines. Don't waste your money on those products - it's shameful that these people take advantage of people who are suffering from migraines. I have nothing to profit from writing this apart from a sense of joy and satisfaction that perhaps I might have helped at least one person out there who has endured the unendurable for too long.


Thanks to those people who have emailed me after reading & trying this remedy when migraine struck - I appreciate your kind words and am happy that it has made a positive difference to the quality of your life!

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