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     Tips To A  Better   Trading  Future

I Have Been A Trader For Many Years And Find That One Of The Most Common Problems Encountered By The Consumer Are Issues Concerning The Age, Condition And Relevance Of The Product.

 Especially Dress Uniforms And Also DCPM Any One Can Claim That These Are THE Military Issue But More Often Than Not And Are Either Cheap Reproductions Just Because They Say "Australian Army Camoflauge" Generally Doesn't Mean That There Necessarily current, Good Quality Or Even Used By Whatever Service Thier Claiming.

I Am Not Saying That EVERYONE Is Necessarily Lying Or Out To Get You, Just Talk To Sellers Who Know What There Talking About, Also Read A Book Or SOMETHING To Expand Your Knowledge, This Is Always The Way In Which I Enlighten Any Would Be "Professionals".

Knowledge Again Is The Key To Success If You Can Effectively Assert Your Knowledge Of Something You Will Always Find That It Is Less Easy To Be Taken For A Ride.

German Stuff The Topic On Everyones List How Difficult It Is To Find The Right Goods, Now It Is Difficult To Hold Out Because Everyone Wants Something GERMAN, Here Are A Few  Tips To  German Buying ;

CheckQuality: Remember Just Because Something Looks German Doesn't Mean It Is Plenty Reproductions (Of Which Many Aren't Bad, But Of Course One Must Assert Stringent Quality Control)

The East German Blues : Now One Must Always Insure Your Well Deserved Items Aren't Esat German, 1. German But 2. Not Nazi, And Are Generally Poorer Quality, This Can Often Be Embarrassing Because When Trying To Present Ones Self As A Serious Collector Your Likely To Get Laughed At Unless You Express That Yes They Are "East Bloc" But, (Generally At This Time One Must Come Up With Somesort Of Excuse As To Why You Like It) (The More Romantic The Better !) Not Only Will This Gain You Respect But It's Far Less Embarrassing This Way   .(surprisingly)

When Too Much Makes A Good Thing A  Bad Thing:    Please Keep In Mind  This Stuff Isn't Cheap But Don't Pay For Too Much For This !, Remember The Old Lady Down The Road Probably Has Something In Her Attic Try Offering Her Something.

Now To Russian Goods Beautiful Fine Smooth Efficient One Of My Favorites, But Don't Pay An Arm And A Leg For It. Just Find A Good Deal Now Some May Not Agree With This As "Shameful Promotion" But Here Are A List Of People And Sites To Buy Off: For All Things Russian, Best Quality Out There, Recomended Definately(A Great Site) Always Has Quality Stuff On The E-bay Store.

Also Mavfs Is A Very Very Good Trader In 100% Quality Official Australian And British Military Gear, So Far As I Can Tell  One Of The Better Traders Around.

And Lastly Myself If You Wish To Cut Out The Middle-Man Talk To Me, If You Quote This Article I'll Give You A Very Generous Discount, Call It  "Student Direct " Retailing Best Way To Get Me Is

Know I Hope You've Enjoyed And I've Made At Least One Trading Convert (as If Iv'e Reached One Person It Will Be Worth It), I Hope 'Buy' now Your Exited About The World Of Authentic Uniforms To That "Go Out There And Impress Me I Hope To See You soon"

Please Look Out For My Guides To Come.   

Regards Naval_infantry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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