Mimco Bag Buying Guide

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Mimco Bag Buying Guide

When choosing clothing and other fashion items, women typically seek purses that fit both their fashion sense and body type. Mimco offers a wide range of bags and other accessories. The company's bags range from clutches to shoulder bags and every size and shape of bag in between. The style of bag chosen depends on the occasion at hand, such as for casual use or a night out on the town.

When shopping for Mimco bags, make sure to first determine the bag type preferred, such as a clutch, evening bag, or tote bag. Also consider other Mimco accessories as the need arises, including smartphone and tablet pouches, cases, and slings. Mimco has a wide selection of new and pre-owned bags for sale on eBay.

Mimco Bag Styles

Some of the first things shoppers need to determine includes what style of bag they want and which bags best fit their body style. Baguettes, clutches, messenger bags, and totes represent just a fraction of the different Mimco bag styles available.

Bag Style



Small and narrow, its rectangle shape resembles a French loaf of bread, hence the name

Bag materials include leather, plastic, metal, and cloth

Perfect for women with a tall body type


Pear shaped body type work best with envelope clutches

Typically has no handles

Can function as an evening bag or works just as well during the day

Evening Bag

Bags used when out on the town at night

Small like a clutch

Works best with pear shaped body shapes

Hobo Bag

Mid hanging hobo bag great for petite body types

Medium-sized crescent shaped bags with a top zipper and centre dip

Manufactured of soft materials such as leather or suede

Messenger Bag

Has one long strap across the body much like the bags worn by messengers in the past

Works well on women with a large bust

Perfect for travellers, shoppers, and those who commute


Works best with petite and curvy body types

Soft sided case, typically made of leather

Have snap, buckle, zipper, or drawstring to hold them closed

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag accentuates a tall woman's long arms, especially those with a rounded shape

Typically hangs over the shoulder to about mid waist

Generally has a flap which buttons or latches the bag closed

Tote Bag

Scaled down versions of the huge handbag work well with petite body types

Tote bags also work well with curvy body types

Run from medium to large in size with two straps and an open top

By purchasing the most suitable purse for their body type, shoppers can look their best. When matched with the outfit they plan on wearing, a perfectly matched purse can tie an outfit together.

Mimco Bag Buying Factors

Shoppers wanting to buy Mimco bags should keep a few factors in mind when comparing items. These include the bag colour, material, overall quality, and cost.

Mimco Bag Materials and Colour

Bag material plays an important role in the bag shoppers ultimately buy. The various bag materials run the gamut from canvas to leather , nylon , and other materials. Bag buyers should likewise look for bags that go with the outfits they own. These include neutral colours such as black , white , beige , and grey . For those with more colourful fashion needs, they have the choice of blue , orange , pink , red , and yellow , among others. They should choose one or more bags according to their needs.

Mimco Bag Quality

Shoppers should consider bag quality in addition to the other factors involved. This includes new with tags , new without tags , new with defects , and pre-owned items. By checking items carefully before buying and asking sellers questions via the Ask a Question link, shoppers can double check that any item they buy meets their satisfaction.

Finding the Best Prices on Mimco Bags

Shoppers can find a variety of items that fall within their budget while shopping on eBay. This includes a large selection of new and used items, as well as bags on eBay Deals. Shoppers should compare items and make sure they fall within their price range before making a purchase.

Mimco Tech Cases and Pouches

In addition to Mimco bags, shoppers can find a wide range of other Mimco products. These include tech accessories such as various cases for theApple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, as well as cases and pouches for the Apple iPad and iPad mini.

Mimco Shoes

One item women should consider when buying a Mimco bag includes the line of shoes offered by Mimco, which can help accessorise an outfit. Shoppers should look for shoes that compliment any bag or other item bought. When buying any item, shoppers need to keep in mind the colour and materials of other items they buy. Shoe types offered include heels,boots, and flats, in a wide variety of styles and materials.

Other Accessories

Mimco additionally manufactures a whole line of accessories, includingsunglasses,umbrellas,hats, scarves, and a wide selection of hair items. These range from clips andbarrettes,combs andclaws,headbands, and pony holders.

Find Mimco Bags on eBay

Finding Mimco bags on eBay requires shoppers to enter pertinent keywords into the search bar. For those who need help with keywords, they should go to the eBay's Search Tips page. Initiating a search brings up a list of categories, allowing bag buyers to refine their search further to include such criteria as colour, material, condition, and cost. Shoppers should compare the various items available and choose those which best fit their needs and fall within their budget. They should also seek out top-rated sellers or check the seller's feedback rating to see how others have rated them to assure the best shopping experience. When buying Mimco bags, shoppers can find a wide selection of different bag types on eBay.

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