Mineral Makeup...EXPOSED

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Well what can I say......

I have tried several different types of mineral makeup and PURE COSMETICS ONLINE is the stand out.

I tried sheer cover...but it was difficult to blend the correct colour for my skin....and another few online brands that just didn't look natural on my skin and seemed to 'slide' off and looked like i WAS wearing a mask....


You want to look like you AREN'T wearing foundation!

Pure online has a huge range of products - foundations, concealers, colour correctors, blush, eyeliner, finishing powders etc.

These are AMAZING!

A little goes a long way and you buff the minerals into your skin for a flawless, natural look.

You can erase large pores. Cover redness, pimples etc.

I just can't tell you how fabulous this range is!

I have been using it for quite a number of months now and haven't looked back.

No longer do I spend ages choosing a foundation in a store.

No more cream foundations, no more mess, no more pressed powders, loose powders, concealers etc........

It takes me less then 2 minutes to put on my foundation.

Thats to cover little zits, cover blocked pores, minimise my red areas and smooth out my skin tone on my face AND neck.

In less than 2 minutes!!!! NO JOKE!

My makeup regime is cut in half!

Blending is simple!

Powder up my brush n off i go.


I highly recommend their vitamin and mineral finishing powder AND the oriental rice powder finishing powder....AMAZING stuff.

This product can hold 5-7 times its weight! Meaning it can absorbe slight perspiration or face oil and your skin still looks semi-matte. GREAT FOR OILY SKINS LIKE MINE!

Its silken texture is fabulous n you just want to touch your cheeks all day LOL....so nice to touch!

It also is so natural looking and they send out samples before you buy from them for the first time if your not sure what colour you are.

I had a great time trying everything....their blushers are DIVINE!


If you have trouble the ladies are more than happy to help with your queries.....I know alot about this kind of thing but mineral makeup was new to me!

SO...IN the end....I now have....a blush, colour corrector (incase of a super zit),eyeliner, concealer, foundation, finishing powder (the oriental veil is GORGEOUS) and the concealer IS SUPERSONIC.....reduces redness n cover zits perfectly!

I have tried alot of their other products....seriously you could go mental n buy everything......I really have to restrain myself when I visit their ebay store! I watch like 15 items for days before i slap myself n say 'dude you have them already just wait til you use it all first!'

Make the switch now! I have RAVED about these products to EVERY female I KNOW! (Even some of my gay friends LOL)

Check them out on ebay.com.au....Pure cosemetics online.


You will be glad you did!

I am not affiliated with them in anyway.....just a very happy customer! you can check their feedback n see!

I seriously just love these products!

But each to their own...if you are looking for mineral makeup do search n read up on it. Check feedback or ask for samples first and see how your skin fares.....if they don't do samples then don't buy the product....saves you spending your hard earned money n being disappointed.

Some products can clog your skin if your not careful n some products ARE SO EXPENSIVE! So not worth it when there are others out there 50 times better n more affordable.


Have fun with it and be free from messy creams n mousse foundations forever!

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