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Here is a guide to assist you in your purchase of a mini spy camera. This guide has a Question & Answer format to make it easier to read and to enable readers to select which parts they want to read about without reading the whole guide. Please remember to rate the guide once you have finished reading it. Should you have any questions regarding these camera's, please contact us and we will try and answer your query and will also list the question and response in this guide. We aim to review this guide every month, so new questions and answers will be added monthly.


These camera's are being sold on eBay by a number of different sellers, from all over the world. Most sellers list all the main uses in the titles for the items to gain as many hits as possible. You will find from searches on eBay as well that they are listed all over place, basically because they can be used in all sorts of environments with ease. You can find black & white ones, colour ones, night vision ones and even ones with audio although these are not permitted for sale on eBay.

What are the camera's used for?

As well as viewing the image provided by the camera through your TV, you can also plug these into your VCR or DVD player. These will enable you to record the images directly to tape or to your DVD hard drive. Some of my customers have also plugged these into their computers through the use of a BNC connector.

Here is a short list identifying what some of my customers have used the cameras for.......

  • For home security, for the car, shed etc.

  • To watch your baby sleeping upstairs in the cot by just flicking over your TV channel during the ads of your favourite program

  • To assist with reversing large vans and trucks. Some customers have used a car adapter to power the camera and receiver and connected them to a small TV monitor

  • Some customers have used these to record what their babysitter is up to , while alone with their child

  • It can be used to watch wildlife close up

  • It has been used as a helmet camera. Some of my customers stuck it to the helmet while snowboarding or cycling to record themselves through their Video camera

  • These cameras have found themselves stuck onto radio controlled planes and cars

These are just a few of the uses, and as you can tell , with a little imagination they can be used for pretty much anything.

Do the camera's transmit through walls?

Yes. A camera and receivers ability to transmit clear pictures depends on the quality and power supplied to both units. In simple and basic terms, the more regulated power supplied to the both the camera and receiver, the stronger the signal strength. These cameras come with either power adapters for mains connection or with battery clips for 9 volt batteries, the rectangular ones. Bear in mind that a 9 volt battery will only last for around three hours. Honest Sellers of the cameras should quote the distance at which they operate at. Some will mention clear line of sight , which means nothing blocking the way between the camera and the receiver. I have found that these cameras can provide a good picture through 3 to 5 stud walls or 1 to 3 brick walls. They transmit fine through floorboards, but with concrete floors you should expect more interference.


These camera's and similar types of them are available through a number of outlets in the UK, but you will find tat they are extremely expensive retailing over £60. Hence the popularity of buying them on eBay has increased due to the competitive pricing that the eBay market place provides. Below are some key points and questions to ask the sellers to help you get he best quality and value for money when buying.

Regulated power supplies 

Check that the power adapters for the camera's and the receivers provide a regulated power supply and are built to UK standards. Nearly all of these camera's are made in the far east by different companies, all of which have different standards.

All adapters should have the information on the plug. Check that the power output meets the criteria for the power input of the device connected.

Good quality from poor quality 

Check that the wired parts of the unit are well joined and have grommets in place. These provide better durability and are a good sign of quality workmanship. Check the wires where they join. Are the fitted to the end. Some of the connections on some of the camera's listed for sale on eBay do not have hard wearing grommets.

Buying from Oversea's - 34% Import duty and VAT to Pay ?

You will find these camera's on sale by overseas eBayers , the majority of which are from Hong Kong and are often cheaper than buying the camera from a UK seller. Be aware that should you purchase a camera from overseas , you may will be liable for customs duty and VAT. These roughly work out to about 34 % of the total price, including your shipping charge.

KBC recommend's that you stick to UK sellers for a number of reasons...

  1. No Customs duty to pay
  2. Should their be any problems with the equipment you can telephone the seller and discuss it ( cheaper than calling abroad!)
  3. A reasonably reliable postage service
  4. English Instructions.

Refunds and Returns

All honest sellers who truly belive in their products will offer a guarentee for their product. You should check this first before you buy. I would also recommend everyone to check regarding postal insurance as their are a lot of scammers out their.

Your Questions and Answers

12.06.06 How can I get replacement parts?

You should contact the seller whom you bought the camera from. They should be able to supply replacement parts to you. It is worth checking this out before you buy, as I have found that many sellers of these camera's are either drop shippers or simply just sell the units as a whole. This could prove very expensive should you need a replacement part. You will find many replacement parts for camera's in our Store.

12.06.06 Can I use more than one camera with the same reciever?

Hmmmm. These camera recievers are tuned in via a manual turning knob. If the cameras operate on the same frequency , you should be able to manually tune the different cameras in . What might happen is that you may get some interference from operating two or more cameras. To avoid this and to achieve a clear picture from both cameras with one receiver, the camera's should be positioned at varying distances. This will result in you being able to tune the reciever in to the different camera's easier. An example of using two camera's would be where you have one watching you car on the driveway and the second positioned in your house to watch your baby while sleeping. You can simply turn the tuning dial and flick between the two.


If you have any questions regarding these cameras or similar products please visit the KBC Store and ask away. We will pass your question on to one of our technicians and post your question with answer on this guide.

We aim this guide to be a working document and want it to simply provide more information to potential buyers of these cameras. We would like to thank you for reading our guide and would be grateful if you could rate this below.

Many thanks,


KBC Stores.

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