Mitsubishi Colt Magna Lancer Verada remote Repair key Buttons

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Mitsubishi Colt Magna Lancer Verada remote Repair key Buttons
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Having problem with Worn Mitsubishi car key Remote  ?

Designed and Made in Australia

Polmex-buttons store comes to the rescue with Replacement Buttons for Mitsubishi Colt, Eclipse, Galant,  Carisma, Warrior, Magna TR Elite and Verada, Executive, Altera, Solara, Sports and Lancer.

If you are only having problem with Worn Buttons and everything else works then No need to buy whole new remote.
Polmex buttons are made from LSR Silicone and will not break, due to deteriorating effects of sunlight, water and chemicals commonly encountered in service such as Detergent, Oil, and Methanol. Polmex_buttons is an innovative Engineering Company, specializing in design and manufacture of special purpose Silicone products. Supplying to the market Silicone Buttons for worn out remote keys of various makes and models: Hyundai, Holden, Commodore, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Rover, Land Rover, Peugeot, BMW, Jeep, Mazda , Rover, Kia, Jeep, Mercedes and more…

Simply buy Our Silicone Replacement Buttons  and SAVE money.

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When you visit our polmex-buttons store you will find very easy to follow Replacement Instruction.

Check our Feedback for customers total satisfaction comments.



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