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So, you're selling a classic, new-style, deluxe or Franklin Mint edition of Monopoly, or just interested in the game to buy? This guide will delve into a history of Monopoly, that dates all the way back to 1935, a world just out of the Depression and on the rise again...

Monopoly History

According to Hasbro, it was 1935 when Charles Darrow commercially produced a game that revolved around using money to buy property and capitalize on rent, with an ultimate aim to bankrupt the other player. This history, while officially recognised by Hasbro, is not entirely extended. In 1904 Lizzie Magie had made a similar game which she patented, with an aim to explain economics in a simple way. Called the Landlord's Game, it was bought by Parker Brothers in 1935 for $500 and was later taken off the market.

While Charles Darrow was influenced by some of the earlier games, the official Monopoly emerged in 1935 and a massive boom in the Western World appeared, sets of Monopoly sold out quickly and by 1999 the Guiness Book of World Records stated that '500 million sets had been sold!'

Fact: The Classic Edition of Monopoly was the Atlantic City Version, (a city in New Jersey).

Manufactured Rules

As Monopoly continued its success, players introduced new rules, some more popular than others, to try and increase the game's overall fun.

Some of those manufactured (made-up) rules include:

  • Bonuses for landing on GO.
  • Once the houses and Hotels run out, you can use substitutes.
  • A free parking jackpot (players pay money into the middle when they receive penalties in Chance and Community Chest cards).
  • Simply choosing not to auction or buy the property when landing on an unowned property.
  • A player may sell 'shares' on their monopolies. Shares usually include half-price rent.


The 1935 game has changed so much since Charles Darrow first made his own version. Here and Now Editions have electronic ATM cards instead of money, local versions have their own towns and cities, and a range of popular trends such as Pokemon Monopoly have sprung up and been sold in many locations.

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