More Old Country Roses SECONDS backstamps

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Part 5 of a five part series

( As Ebay's limit is 10 pics per guide)

this guide should be read after Part 1. How to buy Old Country Roses - Royal Albert

A factory second is exactly that.... There are many alleged instances of describing first quality as seconds to avoid using the word "Discounted",  but evidence is hard to prove as you could imagine.

It is an item that was rejected by the factory's quality control staff as unsuitable for first quality specification and sale.

It could have been a glazing flaw, mis-alignment of one of the graphic transfers, a colour variation, a firing or gilding flaw, variation in size...the list could go on. Please note that gilders often put a test mark on the back/ does not indicate a flaw, it was simply used to test the gilding or sometimes to identify the production team.

Just remember, no matter what anyone claims, the second was rejected for a specific reason, if the seller can't tell you what it is, it just means that they can't find it....not that it's not there.... If the item appears flawless,  then it's your bonus. 



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