More miles from your Lipstick? Re-cycle with a palette

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Make your lipstick go further.  Ever have a favourite lipstick, and when you get to the end of your wind up tube, it's impossible to apply any product out of it except maybe with a lip brush?  Just scoop out the remaining product [and there can actually be quite a bit hiding in the base] with a wooden spatula and paste it into a lip palette.  You can also use a small artist spatula which works really well to scoop and smooth over into the new palette well.  You can choose to buy a new empty palette with multiple empty pans for future lipsticks that also come to an end, add to or re-cycle an old one.  You may have even a few empty palettes with one colour left in it and normally would throw out, but they are great when cleaned and re-cycled.  Just add a label on the palette with the name of the colour and its' position order.  Palettes are great because:

  • there is usually a space for your applicator, and sometimes a mirror
  • you can add more lip colours to the palette as you need
  • keep product clean & protected
  • palettes are handy for on the go touch-ups
  • they look professional

 Small lipstick or gloss pots are also fantastic to re-cycle!  These tips are also great for damaged or dented lipstick lipstick heads.  So, next time you're faced with a gooey lipstick mess, have a good look around in your makeup kit for re-cyclable makeup palettes and containers!  

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