Morse Taper Sizes

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Many People Have Asked Me " What Morse Taper Size Is My Machine , Or What Morse Taper Size Are My Tools " Well I Hope The Below Table Will Help You Out,,



Morse Taper sizes

Different Morse tapers have easily distinguished sizes.

Measure at the big end (ie, the open hole), in inches:

#0 is 0.356

#1 is 0.475

#2 is 0.700

#3 is 0.938

#4 is 1.231,

#5 is 1.748

#6 is 2.494

#7 is 3.270


or in mm..

( remeber the hole at the big end.)


#1 is 12.065

#2 is 17.78

#3 is 23.82

#4 is 31.26

#5 is 44.399 mm


ebay would not allow me to paste the complete table & diagram,.

if you would like the whole info please email me and i will forward it to yo

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