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If you are looking for a fantastic cloth nappy system, Mother-ease really does the job.  The Mother-ease products range includes:
  • Cloth nappies- including organic cotton, stay-dry, and  white or unbleached cotton blend
  • Cloth boosters/soakers- with the same variety as the nappies
  • Covers- with darling designs
  • AIO's (all-in-ones or the cloth version of a disposable nappy)
  • Cloth Swim Nappies (with matching tops for girls)
  • Training Pants
  • Bed Wetter Pants (for older kids)
  • Cloth Breast Pads
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes

This list isn't even complete, but it highlights the most popular products. 

The nappies are made in Canada using cotton grown in the USA.  I have personally been using Mother-ease products for the last 3 years and cannot say enough about how wonderful they have been.

If you are looking for value, the Mother-ease One-Size line is the best.  The One-Size Nappy fits babies from birth to toilet training.   No need to buy different sizes, it is all in how the nappy is folded.  These nappies also worked well for my girls when they lost their baby fat and got skinny pre-toddler bodies.  I could just fold them differently to fit over their skinnier bottoms.

The One-Size nappies are available in 4 different types.  One is %100 certified organic cotton.  Another is the patented Stay Dry fabric which is the regular unbleached One-Size with a polyester moisture barrier sewn in.  It helps the baby to feel dry for a longer period of time.  The last 2 are white (which is traditionally bleached fabric) and unbleached (a nice beige fabric). The white and unbleached are a mostly cotton with some polyester blend.  This adds to the durability of the nappy without affecting the absorption.  I have used the unbleached fabric and find it more than adequate.

Now, Mother-ease has the best covers on the market.  People who may decide not to use the nappies often still choose to use the Mother-ease Covers.  They are the softest brushed polyester laminated with polyurethane so that they are highly water-resistant yet breathable.  It is true.  They work on a molecular level believe it or not. 

The liquid (or pee) molecule is bigger than the air molecule so the ventilation within the cover allows air to flow freely in and out but not the liquid.  The liquid molecule is too big to fit through the ventilation holes within the fabric.  So baby gets the benefit of air circulation on the inside while we parents get the benefit of water-proofing on the outside.

The Covers come in two styles: The Rikki and the Air-Flow.  Both are patented designs and made from the same fabric.  The Rikki uses velcro or Aplix and adjusts at the waist.  It also has short skirts around each leg to add to the customized fit.  The Air Flow (my personal favorite) adjusts at the leg and the waist via poppers or snaps.  This unique side fastening design of the Air-flow cover provides even more ventilation allows making the nappy less habitable for bacteria.

These covers also come in great fabric designs.  There are 8 in all to choose from.  You view 4 of these by clicking here and the other 4 by clicking here.  All are cute and durable enough to wear uncovered in warm weather.

More to come, thanks for reading...

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