Motorola Handsfree - Read if considering purchase

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There are some easy ways to tell if you are purchasing a genuine motorola handsfree or not.

The differences are depicted below and if you purchase a cheap version, expect to receive virtually no bass sound and fuzzing of the headphones when volume is increased. Now, this may not be a problem if your on a phone call, but I primarily use this when jogging to listen to music on iTunes and a cheap imitation handsfree is no way to go (I threw one out which I purchased on eBay for $22 on 30-Aug-06 @ 8:48 [item no:180019453732])

The differences are listed here. I didn't realise the pictures where reduced in size, so I re-wrote what is listed on the pictures for easier reading.

Cheap Version 1 -

Top - Very shiny, looks like chrome

Bottom - Has an integrated circuit on main face of board; and tinny wiring


Authentic Version 1

Top - Has not so shiny face (looks like powder coated silver). Hard to tell from this photo

Bottom - No integrated circuit on main face and good quality wiring. (Don't mind the bluetack. I was testing something out)

Cheap Version 2 -

Has a shiny face like chrome once more, and has two parts to the earphone (The casing and the speaker itself)

Authentic Version 2 -

Has a not so shiny face like powder coating once more and one part to the earphone which is solidly built.

I hope this helps stop some people not getting caught out and wasting their money.

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