Moulds for Concrete, Plaster, Candles,Ice, Chocolate

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We think one of the best ways to slow down the mowing chore is to landscape your yard with pavers and gardens. I recently discovered "GoStatues" on ebay and was blown away by the simplicity of it all.

Go statue have over seven thousand moulds( I've aquired thirty so far!) suitable for concrete, plaster, candle wax, ice, chocolate or any other squishy material that will harden eventually! The hardest part was choosing the moulds, the variety is vast!

Go statue uses pay pal so you know they are safe, and if you order over $200.00 U.S they offer free shipping,(on a $200 order its approx $65) I think that makes all the difference, and I actually had a tough time staying under $300 in my first order!They are so inexpensive that I never even had to lie to my husband about the price( a first in our ebay mad house!)

They enclose easy to follow recipies for concrete mixes and tips for other castings.My order arrived in record time and when I opened the box I discovered they had enclosed Five additional moulds as a thank you gift Woo hoo, we went and thats when they had me. Nothing says we want your business and we are lovely people more than presents, on top of excellant service and "Can we do anything else for you attitude".We have been 100% impressed with this company and our yard is no longer skid row, we've enjoyed making our moulds and the chocolate casts make cool gifts.They cost bugger all to make and its so satisfying to see that we've made them. Its all good!

"Go Statues"............ You Go Girl! :)

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