Moving House rental to rental

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Where to start?

1) inform current landlord/real estate agent in writing the days not counting weekends and public holidays, keep a copy.

2) contact your electricity/ gas/ home phone/ Pay TV suppliers and

Australia Post to find out if your services are easily transferable to new address/ new home phone number. Research schools, preschools, community groups, vets, doctors, hospitals  to see whats available in new proposed area. Give plenty of notice to service providers/ schools etc.

Allow 7 days for mail re-direction Australia post offers 3, 6 and 12 months temporary or permanent mail redirections.

Research removalist company to see if they can assist with boxes, packing, do they remove items such as pianos etc. get quotes, ask friends for recommendations.

Always clearly  label every box for content ie kitchenware, bathroom, toys, etc on many sides.  Always wash/ dryclean and pack clothes from opposite season.  Pack up items not used every day ahead of time.

Dont forget to clean the stove/oven, bathroom and kitchens very very carefully before final inspection and hand over all keys to signal end of rent paying period (organise this after you have moved to new address of course) always allow a few days/ one week overlap between premises to ensure nothing valuable is left behind.

Dont plug your fridge in as soon as you move,  allow 4-5 hours of settling before plugging in or you could damage your fridge.

 Have an esky or two filled with ice to transport frozen, fridge goods to new place. Dont forgot the drinks especially in spring or summertime.

Have different size plugs and different types of lightglobes available for new place plus dont forget shower curtain, toilet brush, plenty of toilet rolls out, soap, shampoo and other essentials moved with TV and valuable not packed and forgotten.

Cats should be kept indoors for several days until they get their bearings. 

If you have children i found its easier, if you must move, to move just before or during the summer break to allow time to unpack and adjust and unwind. 









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