Mums Guide to having five minutes to herself!!

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How to have five minutes to myself with no kids around!!

I am a Mum to five boys and love to find five minutes to myself each day. How does this happen? You might ask.!!  Well here are my tips, hope one of them can help you!!

Go the Gym to workout.  DO not talk to anyone for at least five minutes while working out.  This is SO hard to do, because I love talking to friends.  So at first practice by not talking for three minutes and then build it up to five minutes!!!

* Take the kids to a McDonalds cafe and let them play while you have a coffee.  This usually works for about three minutes and then they ask for food, or to go to the toilet, or to sit with you and ask you another question.  SO my answer is to pretend that you don't know who those noisy kids are for five minutes so you can have your all important time out.

*  Next.  Well send them all to their rooms for a "Nanny Nap".  "whats a nanny nap" you might ask.  I just explain to my five kids that it is a quiet time where they can read, draw, play or listen to music in their own rooms for at least ONE hour.   That has worked really well once for me.  I was amazed that they all went to their rooms to have a "Nanny Nap" so I can sit and have a cuppa with out anyone asking me a question for at least five minutes.  Little did I know that they had all crept out of there rooms to go and play outside.  WELL I suppose I did get five minutes out of them!!

* Go to a park.  Get out a rug from the car.  Place rug on grass near the playground.  Tell kids to play nice with each other. Open up Book that you have being trying to read for the last five years.  Sit on rug.  Open up the first page.  Look up to see if kids are OK.  Oops there goes my five minutes again.  One kid stuck up a tree, another one has the younger one in a head lock, one has disappeared from site and his the eldest, and one coming back to tell you what is happening to his four brothers.  WELL that was a nice try.!!


* Place all five to bed.  Fill the bath with Really hot water and lots of bubbles. Light candles and turn out bathroom lights.  Place a Bath pillow in the bath.  Sit back and relax.  After running around with kids all day it is YOUR time so enjoy.  At least five minutes can become five minutes of my time. Oops I forgot one little minor detail!!   The hubby is still up and whats to know where the Tea is kept so he can have a cuppa before bed.  !!!

That's all for days hints and tips from one very busy Mum to another.  Stay tuned for more great hints and tips.


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