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Withe the flood of Murano Jewellery on the internet, how do you really know if the piece you are buying is the REAL DEAL?  Well let me put it this way, there is a flood of cheap Chinese fake Murano Jewellery on the internet and especially on eBay.  Manufacturers in China are flooding the market with cheap, mass produced and quite nasty looking Jewellery that claims to be MuranoMurano Jewellery is ONLY MADE IN ITALY on the island of MURANO.   It is not made anywhere else in the world and I GUARANTEE you that this is the case.  Furnaces on Murano that produce Jewellery must be licenced by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and carry the VETRO ARTISTICO MURANO label which is only issued to glass blowing companies after they have been verified by the Italian authorities.   PLEASE do not risk your purchase and with any company or individual claiming to sell authentic Murano Jewellery and especially those from mainland china.  I will say it again, that NO Murano Jewellery is produced anywhere other than in Italy.  A recent seizure of over 11 million pieces of fake Murano Jewellery worth over 16 Million USD on the island of Murano itself just goes to prove the levels that certain unscrupulous person will go to in order to secure your business.   The diference between a geunine piece of Murano Jewellery and those that claim to be authentic is worlds apart.  The cheaper knock-offs just don't have the same quality as the genuine items and your guarantee of authenticity is to buy from a reputable dealer who guarantees the authenticity of your purchase.

Our organisation deals on with furnaces on Murano that have been producing Jewellery for over 50 years and those that carry on a tradition of producing some of the very best Murano Jewellery you are ever likely to see.  We are happy to provide you with some of the most breathtaking Murano Jewellery on the planet, completely certified and authentic origination from the very best furnaces in Italy and on the island of Murano.

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