My Child Dolls

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My Child Dolls are a big collectable . I have had people ask me how to identify them and also how to fix a tangled mess of hair. I hope this little bit of information helps.
The tags give the year that they were made e.g 1477HR, is an aussie made in 1987. Canadian dolls have two tags, French and English
The Aussies are some of the most sought after, they were made with no
my child heart on their bottom[ Canadians and Euros were made like that also]
The US dolls were made with no heart in 1988, some people are confused with this. Always remember that the US dolls were pale skin whereas the Aussies are peachy colour skin. Also the US '88 girls had no bottom dimple.

Some dolls have tangled hair and you might want to fix her up. I never use a brush and only use a dog comb[the ones with the rotating cylinders on each tooth, that way you do not cause knots] Combing is a very time consuming task but is well worth it. You can wash the hair,  use plenty of conditioner[ fabric softener can be used] the hair can be put into rollers if the doll originally had curls or ringlets.
There is a lot more information but this little bit might help.
There are many wonderful sellers on eBay and they are selling beautiful girls and I have found that 99.99% are very honest in their descriptions.
So go and look up My Child in dolls and bears category.

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