My Favourite Classic Movies

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My Favourite Classic Movies

Thought I'd write a guide about some of my favourite classic movies.

There are some movies which just become classics, that you can watch over and over again...Take the Sound of Music for example....ever started watching it accidentally on TV and not been able to stop?? Everyone knows the end of the story- but sometimes you just want to see it play out again...

Gone with the Wind

Type: Historical drama

Stars: Vivien Leigh, Clarke Gable

Commentary: Scarlett O'Hara is the local southern belle, spoilt, rich, with everything she could possibly want... until the Civil War comes along and turns her life around. Scarlett is forced into poverty as she tries to save her beloved family home, Tara.

Gone with the Wind covers life in the American civil war, but is interlaced with Scarlett's O'Hara's life....We see her having to realise what and who she really values in life, and of course reconcile her love for Clark Gable's Rhett Butler.

The Sound of Music

Type: Family/musical drama

Stars: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer

Commentary:  If you feel like a light hearted family movie with some singing and gorgeous sceenery, this movie is for you. Julie Andrews plays Maria - a young, impressionable and charmingly disorganised noviate living in an Austrian nunnery. Maria is asked to become a governess to Captain Von Trap, a distinguished Navy captain, with seven children.

The plot takes a ranges of twists, naturally there is a love story, plenty of singing and some adorable children. If you need something which is totally watchable and good clean fun The Sound of Music is for you.

Jane Eyre

Type: Historical drama

Stars: Timothy Dalton, Zelah Clarke

Commentary: Don't ask me why this is still a favourite of it because it's about a down trodden orphan that finally finds happiness? Is it the fact that Timothy Dalton's Mr Rochester moves from being unapproachable to a real softie? Or is it because I had to study this for school? I'm not sure.

Jane Eyre is an orphan at Lowood Aslyumn who decides to see more of the world. She becomes a governess to the sole illegitmate child of one very enigmatic Mr Rochester. The story brings her through many experiences... a clash with past family, new found fortunes and high drama's a great movie...!




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