My Guide to buying things on Ebay.

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This is my guide to buying things on Ebay and my advice to you as a consumer.

Well, I'm sure many of you can tell me one or two stories about an Ebay payment gone wrong, faulty products arriving or the delivery being late. First of all, I will tell you the story on my discovery of Ebay and why I like Ebay so much.

I discovered Ebay from my mother, she brought her wedding dress off Ebay, and my Macbook charger. I really wanted a few items which I could spend with my Christmas money. So, I started to look around on the site and I was surprised to see everything so cheap, and the quality of these products looked pretty top notch. Since joining the site 2 days ago, I have already ordered 15 different items off Ebay all to be delivered between January 17th and January 30th. 

I love Ebay because 
-It's cheap.
-It's reliable
-You don't have to leave your house, and your shopping is done in the comfort of your own home. 
-If you are selling you can make a decent profit
-Great way to market small products.

My guide to buying things online all comes down to:
1. Quality
2. Quantity
3. Buy it now rather than bidding

Quality is very important to customers as they want to be ensured that they have a great functioning product. You're blind to what you are buying here on the internet, and you can be scammed. But, the Quality of products is very important to consumers as they are spending their money to buy things that are 1/5 of the RRP of a product. 

Quantity can also be a huge factor. Buying in bulk for Arts and Crafts is important, because it means you can produce more. Best part about Ebay is you can buy in bulk for such a cheap price, and the shipping can be free! I prefer to buy my craft items in bulk so that I can create more. 

Buying now rather than bidding is an extremely easy concept. Buying instead of bidding guarantees you will get the product. You have a fixed price to go by and you know that nobody else is going to fight for the same product. Bidding can be a stressful thing. If you really want a product you will keep bidding, but how do you know when to stop, when it might be too late. You commit to buying the product each time you bid, and you could be paying way overpriced for items that are worth so much less. I stress to you now, buying instead of bidding has more pro's than cons. Also- stay away from credit cards. Stick to a Debit Card or Bank Account payments. You can keep track of these and your expenditures don't incur interest on top.

try to avoid products that have an overly priced shipping fee. They're trying to get you to buy the product. The shipping doesn't really cost as much as you think, they're trying to get more money out of you, so buy products with a relatively reasonable shipping fee for the product you are buying. I'm pretty sure paying $40.95 shipping for a DVD is way too overpriced.

Well, I hope this helps you with your online shopping. This guide doesn't just have to be used for Ebay, it can be used anywhere! 

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