My Take on Feedback

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Feedback. This has to be one of the biggest pet peeves for many eBayers, and something I'd like to rant about, a little.

Really, let's be honest here... If there is any other place in all of eBay that can be misused as much as feedback, somebody is going to have to point me in that direction.  Bottom line? Confident, honest sellers don't have a problem with giving their buyers the feedback they deserve, ASAP. When I buy, it gives me confidence with an auction/purchase, when I see my feedback rating numbers go up a notch. That number climbing, before I get the item, gives me the message that all's going to go well, and it always does. On the other hand, those sellers who hold back on giving out the feedback, WHEN THEY ARE HOLDING YOUR MONEY, more times than not, are creating a distrust for the buyer. Those sellers who think the buyer ought to be first to hand out the feedback are... well... not very realistic, to put it politely. Other than my money, those sellers get NOTHING - they deserve NOTHING, (other than the money I've given them, or a very serious hassle that they WILL LOSE, if they don't deliver the goods.) It's a pretty good bet that these oafs drool in public.

Feedback... if you don't care about playing fair with mine, don't whinge and whine, when your tally board doesn't light up, and please... don't get nasty, because you WILL be sent to the quiet room... Here are the directions:  eBay Blocked buyer/bidder List
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